About Us

A fresh expression of church is a new form of church for a fast-changing world that serves those outside the existing church, listens to people and enters their culture, makes discipleship a priority and intentionally forms Christian community.

Fresh Expressions Aotearoa NZ (FEANZ) was formed in 2011 in recognition of the rapidly changing world in which church find its self and how we need to relate as church to people in their own context. We encourage and support new ways of being church alongside more traditional ways.

Our primary purpose is to be a catalyst that simulates thinking, provide resources, ecumenical networking and training that will lead to the embedding of the principles of fresh expressions into the DNA of the partners of FEANZ. This embedding will take place in the unique context and with the oversight and leadership of each partner. This will come about through the planting and sustaining forms of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church.