Fresh Expressions Area Strategy Teams (FEASTS) catalyse the start and development of fresh expressions of church across a geographical area.

FEASTs do a bunch of things to foster the flourishing of Fresh Expressions in that area.

* they initiate and sustain fresh expressions;
* they support pioneers;
* they provide training;
* they engage with existing church structures;
* they encourage prayer.


Mission Shaped Church Report –

Church for Every Context | Mike Mognagh –

Pioneers for Life | edited by Dave Male, various contributors –


Share booklets are resources created by the UK Fresh Expressions team and combine spiritual insight with practical knowledge to offer guidance in starting and sustaining a fresh expression of church.

  1. How can fresh expressions emerge?
  2. How should we start?
  3. What should we start?
  4. How can we get support?
  5. How can we find our way?
  6. How can we be sustainable?
  7. How can we be a great team?
  8. How can we finance a fresh expression?
  9. How can we encourage a fresh expression?
  10. How should we teach and preach?